1960 | After seven years in prison and two in the army, Jan Kristofori publishes his first drawings for Encounter with M. Medek and T. Tomalík. Takes the first steps to establishing the group Structure (later banned on the order of the Ministry of the Interior). Acquaintance with the Reduta Theatre jazz-group: soon after the first reliefs for his jazz-theme series appear. Illustrations for poems by Hughes and Hořec (Jazz in Poetry). His first exhibition at the Prague Music Theatre.

1961 | In spite of a strict ban on all his public activities, J. Kristofori obtains a commission and creates 12 cover pages for the magazine Tvar (Shape). He creates book covers for the publisher Naše vojsko (Our Army). Wins 3rd prize for graphic works from Mladá fronta (Young Front).

1962 | Contacts the SIAL group in Liberec. Painting and Music Exhibition together with J. Koblasa and K. Nepraš, at the Music Theatre. Works on an exhibition project: Stravinsky, Debussy, Honegger, Szymanowski, for the publisher Naše vojsko (Our Army).

1963 | Preparations for the Modern Jazz in Sculpture exhibition. Works on structures Ch. Mingus, D. Ellington, M. Davies, and the Ex libris-Ex musicis exhibition, first drawings for the magazines Květy and Co vás zajímá.

1964 | His first exhibition abroad: Current Drawing in West Berlin. The Modern Jazz in Sculpture exhibition was closed only half an hour before opening. The reason for this was Khrushchev's speech on art the day before. In cooperation with Lyra Pragensis, J. Kristofori is one of the organizers of cultural evenings at the Memorial of Literature in Strahov (with Friedl, Medek, Istler, Vágner). Restoration of various historical buildings together with architect L. Švarcová. Various commissions for the companies Centrotex, Prago-export, ČKD and Motokov. The first interview on Czechoslovak Radio.

1965 | Works on a model of Libochovice Castle. Exhibitions of drawings at the House of Culture in Příbram and Kadaň. Through Art-centrum, the first selling exhibition abroad. Illustrates books for several publishing houses. Exhibitions of jazz-objects at the jazz-club Reduta. West German TV makes a documentary about this exhibition.

1966 | J. Kristofori takes part in: the 12 Czech Artists exhibition at the Kunsthalle Netzel in Worpswede, together with M. Medek, Z. Sklenář, J. Istler, L. Medková among others; a collective exhibition at the Künstlerhaus Wien; the Kunsthaus of the City Graz; The European Forum Alpbach; Wolfgang Gurlitt Museum in Austria. Becomes a candidate for ČSVU (The Czechoslovak Union of Artists). First cooperation with Czechoslovak Television. Takes part in a symposium and competition for the restoration of the Old Town of Liberec, in cooperation with architect P. Švancar (wins 3rd prize). Attends the Royal College in London. Cooperation on a project for a Rehabilitation Centre, with architect M. Masák. Designs a fountain for the School Centre in Teplice. Takes part in a joint project for the Czechoslovak Pavilion at the World Fair in Montreal (with V. Havel and M. Masák). A trip to Paris and Cologne (West Germany).

1967 | Takes part in the Biennale in Paris with the SIAL group (Masák, Binar). Wins 2nd prize in a competition for the front wall of a public building in Cottbus (GDR). In the same year he takes part in a competition designing free recreational areas (wins 1st prize, and a 3rd prize for proposed objects). Drawings for magazines Evergreen, Pardon, a. o.

1968 | After the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Soviet Troops, he is active in an event called Sculpture and the City in Liberec and works on a group sculpture called Why Shouldn't We Rejoice which eventually had to be torn down and demolished by order of local Communist high officials. With a few friends, he publishes an anti-communist daily paper. Advised by friends he leaves Czechoslovakia, first for West Berlin, later Norway.

1969 | Returns to Prague for a short time, however decides to leave again and stay in Norway for good. Takes part in the Biennale in Ljubljana where he wins The Prize of the Exhibition. Makes initial contact with exile publishing houses. Creates book covers and illustrations, drawings for the Norwegian magazine Kontraster, becomes a collaborator on the book Erotikon and the magazine Pardon.

1970 | Illustrations for the Norwegian edition of Solzhenitsyn. Works on initial drawings for the Human Rights series.

1971 | First exhibition in Scandinavia, mostly on musical themes (Göteborg, Nybro, Moss). Works on the Jazz cycle and the autumn exhibition in Jazz-Keller in Aarau, Switzerland. Takes part in the Biennale in Ljubljana.

1972 | Illustrates several books (Dürrenmatt, Kafka, Russian Samizdat). Exhibition at the Haus Begegnung in Munich. Exhibits his first politically motivated paintings at Zunfthaus am Neumarkt in Zurich (an irony of fate - Lenin lived at the Zuricher Zunfthaus in his time). On an invitation from the Italian Union of Artists, he takes part in Concorso Internazionale di Pittura - Italia 2000 and wins 1st prize for his painting Silence.

1973 | Exhibitions at the Artist Center in Zurich, Galerie 7 Baden (Germany), mostly on musical themes. At the exhibitions at the Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo and the Galerie Burkhartshof in St. Gallen he mainly shows studies for the series on human rights. Graphic presentations Prometheus and Piety appear, in co-operation with printer Rogol. Once again he takes part in the Biennale in Ljubljana, as well as the exhibition of contemporary art in France and West Germany. Takes part in establishing the first Czechoslovak gallery in exile (Switzerland, Krause Gallery). In Torino, Italy, he wins the Targo Prize in Narcissi. In the autumn of the same year, he exhibits at the A. Smid and Galtung galleries in Oslo (drawings and other works).

1974 | Works on the Human Rights series. Exhibitions in Switzerland, the U. S. A., Norway and Italy, where he wins the Targo Speciale Prize. Illustrates books: Dürrenmatt, Kafka, Diviš, and completes preparatory work for the books Absurd Humour and First Aid.

1975 | Further exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Takes part in a presentation of contemporary art in Italy, wins the Marcus Aurelius Prize and obtains an invitation for a trip to Italy. The Human Rights series is finished. He begins preparations for another series, Results.

1976 | The first exhibition of Human Rights (and some paintings from Results) takes place at the National Gallery - Vigeland Museum in Oslo. Norwegian Television is present and shoots a spot on the opening of this exhibition for the cultural feature PAN. Further exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany follow, several prizes are won. Minister Renschl in Switzerland publishes a book on Human rights on the occasion of a Conference of the European Parliament. A reprint of this book appears with a preface by Dr. Pečiva.

1977 | Exhibition of paintings from Results and Time at the Kunsthalle Netzel in Worpswede. Illustration of further books for the Konfrontation publishing house. Exhibitions in Switzerland, Norway and Italy. In Switzerland J. Kristofori wins Hollar’s 1st prize, in Italy he is the winner of the Concorso - Italia 2000. A trip to the U. S. A. Here he makes the first drawings for a planned Czech National Chapel in Washington, D. C. The first interview for Swiss Television.

1978 | An exhibition of Human Rights at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Takes part in the second International Exhibition of caricatures and wins 1st prize with his Pedagogicum in Zug, Switzerland. Further illustration of books. Designs the set for the production of The Snake to be played at the National Theatre in Oslo in cooperation with architect L. Hrůza. His model for the Czech Chapel in Washington is rejected because of its non-traditional nature. Graphics of Jan Palach and Time appear.

1979 | Several exhibitions in Europe and the U. S. A. Takes part in the Biennale Arte Sacrale in Italy and an anniversary exhibition 10 Years in Norway takes place at the Halvorsen Gallery in Norway. The first 70 drawings for the series of books on Ticino (Switzerland) appear.

1980 | Receives a gold medal from the Italian Academy. Exhibitions in Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and West Berlin. Works on the Searching for Light - Searching for Truth cycle. The first book in the series on Ticino Valle Maggia with 72 drawings is published. - Works on another cycle, Imaginary Letters. Commissioned by the University in Oslo to do projects for the foyer of the Psychiatric Institute.

1981 | The second part of the series Ticino is finished. Valle Onsernone. Exhibitions in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Federal Republic of Germany, Norway and Sweden. In Cittą di Boretto, he wins the Oscar Mondiale Prize for Human Rights. Works on new pieces and collages. Illustrations for the book on Switzerland by Kishon.

1982 | Exhibitions in Norway and Switzerland. Works on documentation for the Museum in Cevio. Illustrates a book about objects for daily use in the Ticino Alps. Creates more new pieces, Medicinarium, Herbarium, and works on two new books, Locarno and Ascona, for the Ticino series. Receives a gold medal in the U. S. A. for his Time cycle. Swiss Television makes a 20 min. programme about J. Kristofori's life and work. The National Gallery in Oslo includes his name in the official Lexicon of Artists. Illustrates Franz Kafka and Prague.

1983 | Exhibitions in Switzerland, Norway and the U. S. A. J. Kristofori receives the Statue of Victory from the Centro Studi e Ricerche della Nazione in Italy. He works on more pieces and prepares the new cycles Orwell and Franz Kafka. Also does new book illustrations (Orwell).

1984 | Exhibitions in Norway, Switzerland, Federal Republic of Germany, the U. S. A., Austria, and France. Kafka exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Västeras in Sweden; the Swedish media make a long feature on the same. Later opening the exhibition Orwell 84 on Frankfurter Buchmesse. A new project is in the making: Book and illustrations for Canadian publisher P 68.

1985 | The UN Energy Commission accepts his suggestions on symbols for water, gas, sun, wind, coal, and biological energies for worldwide use. Exhibitions in Switzerland, Federal Republic of Germany, Norway, and the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

1986 | Creates illustrations for J. Seifert's Sonnets about Prague for an American publishing house. Prepares an exhibition on 10 years of Charta 77 and a book of political caricatures with Steiger, Trinkewitz, Jelínek, Taussig, Němý výkřik. Illustrates the book All My Uncles by Viktor Fishl. Exhibitions in FRG, Norway, the U. S. A. and Switzerland.

1987 | A working trip to Israel. Prepares the exhibition Holocaust in Norway. Works on a calendar for 1988. Exhibitions in Switzerland, Federal Republic of Germany, Norway. Working on yet another book in the Ticino - Valle Vercasca series. Exhibition 10 Years of Charta 77 at the town hall in Oslo.

1988 | In cooperation with the O. Krause Gallery, he publishes a calendar to mark 20 years of Czechoslovakia's occupation, creates two sculptures for Centro Artig in Cevio. Works on the Victims of Communism project in Toronto. Works on 50 drawings Maggiawerke published in an album. Exhibitions in Israel, Switzerland, Federal Republic of Germany, Canada, and Poland.

1989 | Exhibitions in Switzerland and Norway. Establishes the Civic Forum in Norway. Trip to liberated Prague.

1990 | Exhibition We Stood for You (about support given to Charta 77 in Scandinavia), in Cheb (with Karel Kryl), Liberec, Prague, Olomouc, Hranice, Ostrava, Plzeň, Klatovy a. o. Exhibition at the Prague Music Theatre, Homage to Rafael Kubelík. Shoots one-hour programme for Czechoslovak Radio Let's Go and Play Behind the Barbed Wire, draws campaign caricatures, takes part in the Van Gogh exhibition in Klatovy. Exhibitions of paintings and collages at Hluboká Castle, at the White Unicorn in Klatovy, at the museum in Cheb and the X centrum in Plzeň. In cooperation with Z. Hajný, J. Šerých, and J. S. Fiala makes preparations for the mobile exhibitions Sacral Art at the Chodov stronghold. Works on staging the dramatic piece, Play on May's Fairy Tale at the Karlín theatre. Exhibits in Norway and in Switzerland. Illustrates books by E. Kishon, L. Hořec and L. Svoboda. Exhibition Black Humour at Malostranská beseda in Prague.

1991 | Exhibitions in Havířov and Pálffy Palace at the European Cultural Club in Prague. In cooperation with the Imagination group makes preparations for the Kafka programme, staging the universal exhibition Way to the Light in Prague. Works on the design for a church, illustrates further books, discourses on Czechoslovak Radio and Television. Exhibits further at Gallery 33 in Prague, in Norway, and Switzerland. Completes the cycle about W. A. Mozart. Makes his 1st documentary with film and TV Studio Fronda for Czechoslovak Television.

1992 | Works on the cycle Touches - 40 monotypes, and another cycle Shadows. Exhibitions in FRG, Switzerland, Mexico, and Czechoslovakia. Prepares a retrospective exhibition for the district gallery in Liberec and the Territorial Museum in Brno. Czechoslovak Television is shooting another documentary with him. Prepares a book of drawings Secret Messages from Prison for the Bílý Slon publishing house in Prague.

1993 | He illustrates textbooks for the Fortuna publishing company and works on some musical cycles. He creates a collage Kristofori in a Slightly Different Way for G 33. He illustrates Bergman's book Woman is the Problem and Neanderthals at Work and Dinosaur Brains for the Victoria publishing company. He arranges a retrospective exhibition for the district gallery in Liberec and illustrates some more books by Kishon About Travel and About the Family. He arranges a set of drawings called Erotikon for the Atelier B + B. The Fortuna publishing company publishes an extensive monograph on Jan Kristofori.

1994 | He is invited on a study visit to Texas where Houston Public Television films a documentary about his stay in the U. S. A. He writes a book about Texas. He travels to New Orleans where he creates a cycle about New Orleans and jazz. At the invitation of the Bohemiae Foundation, he takes part in a meeting between former exiles and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President Havel. He arranges an exhibition at the University of Leipzig. He works on The Way of the Cross for the new church in Hustopeče. He does a Faust triptych for Lyra Pragensis.

1995 | Organizes an auction exhibition at the restaurant at the Baroque chateau Kuks with the Pro Bohemia Foundation. Finishes and installs the Way of the Cross at Hustopeče. He is elected President of Lyra Pragensis. Exhibitions in Semily, Warsaw, Hradec Králové, in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Ostrava, Egnach, Houston, Geretsried. He creates pieces specially intended for Roman cellars in the house of the lords of the manor of Kunštát. Designs prizes for composers.

1996 | In co-operation with Gallery 33, he organises an auction for the support of the Marta Kubišová Foundation. Exhibits in the towns of Jičín, Prague, Hradec Králové, Soběslav, Fredrikstad, at the Kapp Centre in Houston. Reconstruction of coal cellars into a workshop and studio. Stages Siangola for Hradec Králové. He creates prizes for a musical academy - awarded to four composers.

1997 | He opens the VOX HUMANA studio. Exhibits in the towns: Hradec Králové, Prague, Brno, Vienna, Fürth, Karviná. A meeting at Rudolfinum with Norwegian Queen Sonja and King Harald. Works on the cycle Alchemists. Sylvia Bodorová realizes a world premiere at the VOX HUMANA studio, Requiem for Terezín. A meeting with M. Horníček, O. Brousek, T. Fischerová, M. Friedl, V. Fischl, V. Galatíková and several chamber evenings with J. Svěcený, L. Zdeněk, J. Stivín, L. Brabec, J. Molavcová, M. Donutil, M. Kubišová and others. He paints and re-models the altar in the Church of St. Wenceslas in Nusle, designs a 4m diameter chandelier for the same church, creates a prize for Sir Charles Mackerras. With the Dagmar Havlová Vision Foundation, he oprganises a meeting at the VOX HUMANA studio, on the theme of xenophobia. A meeting on the theme of "inherited values" with Cardinal M. Vlk, Prof. L. Líbal, Prof. F. Dvořák, J. Kotalík, J. Koutecký and I. Hurník.

1998 | Illustrations for the bibliophile edition of Ibsen's Terje Vigo published by VOX HUMANA in co-operation with the publishing house Bibliosandia. Exhibitions in Rumburk, in Norway, Mladá Boleslav, Kadaň, Ireland, Přerov, Prague, Brno. Biennial festival of the young at the VOX HUMANA studio in co-operation with the Sylvie Foundation. He creates a painting for the Union of Environmentalists Duha (Rainbow) in Brno. He paints a ceiling picture for for coffee house Alchymista on Letná in Prague. Exhibition of drawings and paintings from Ticino organized on the occasion of Swiss Week. He plants chestnut-trees (edible species) from Ticino at Lány. Works on the prize for a documentary film awarded by VOX HUMANA. Presents the prize to Dagmar Průchová in the presence of FITES. Organizes an evening party with P. Vrba called 60 + 6 angels. Other exhibitions in the towns Turnov, Zlín, Prague, Kutná Hora and Brno. Organizes a pre-Christmas meeting with Y. Blanarovičová at the VOX HUMANA studio.

1999 | Works on the sculpture Thanksgiving for Vyšehrad, writes a book of memoirs for the publishing house Fortuna. Exhibition in the atrium at Chodovská tvrz (Chodov Stronghold) in Prague, at the chateau in Dobříš, the Granát Gallery in Turnov. Work on the cycle Searching for the Philosopher's Stone. Exhibitions in Oslo, Mannheim, Erbach, Darmstadt. Participation in the joint exhibition, Kelts at Vyšehrad, Týnské dvorce, Scarabeus about Prague. Works on the Way of the Cross for the Church of St. Wenceslas in Prague. Works on illustrating Thorn of Joy.

2000 | Meeting at the studio with guitarist L. Brabec, medallist K. Zeman, M. Donutil, J. Stivín, J. Molavcová, P. Malásek, M. Kubišová, A. Strejček, J. Svěcený, L. Loubalová, harpist K. Englichová and other artists. Completes the Way of the Cross with Prof. J. Drda. Works on pieces for an exhibition at Týn nad Vltavou. Records a cycle about musical meetings for the Czech Broadcasting Corporation. Exhibitions in Prague - Slavkov, Hodonín, Ostrava, Přerov, Bzenec, Litoměřice, Darmstadt. Illustrates a book for the 250th anniversary of SZ in Norway, prepares a book of humour for the publishing house Academia and material for the book by Jan Kristofori © - Publishes another VOX HUMANA year-book. Organizes the 5th Biennial Festival of Young Artists with the Sylvie Foundation at the VOX HUMANA studio. Creates a piece for the VOX HUMANA Prize in co-operation with FITES.